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What is Spelliful?

Everyone knows that in order to accomplish great proficiency, musicians, and athletes must engage in a great deal of repetitive practice. It would make sense that readers and writers would need to do the same thing to become accomplished with the words of their language. Having a tool to help someone stay engage with repetive, memory and self competition is what Spelliful was designed for.

Spelliful has many uses, not just spelling. For example, instead of recording the word you can record the definition to help learn spelling and meaning. Teachers can create the list and upload with audios and student can learn at home, take test, and generate an image of their test results to send back to the teacher. People can upload collections of meaningful words with audios and post sharecode on socialmedia for anyone to download. So you can get created however you want to use Spelliful, but below is a list of features you will find.

  • Create weekly list with own audios attached
  • Can also attach an image or video for hearing impaired
  • Scramble activity for a repetitive learning process
  • Test taken using audio you record or system audio
  • Upload and share your created list with audios, you get a share code that you distribute
  • Word search puzzle
  • Built in dictionary lookup
  • Combine multiple list easily
  • Use system voice if you don't want to record your own
  • Spelling Test results are saved in the Progress section and can be shared back to teachers or posted on social media
  • Supports iPhone and iPad

In-App Purchase Options

Currently both options have been made FREE. Normally Unlimited is $0.99 and Teacher Mode is $2.99

The purchase transactions still need to happen but you will be charged $0.00

  • Unlimited number of lists
  • Unlimited number of words per list
  • Ability to upload and share words
  • Unlimited

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