Privacy Policy

as of Feb 21, 2019

Spelliful (us, I, we, our) is intended to provide a learning environment for your child. For this reason, this app does not include ads and does not connect directly to other users. For the paid users of Teacher Mode, this app communicates with our server to upload the list chosen. No other data is collected. No personal information is ever asked. This app is intended to be a tool to learn and is NOT a social media platform. Currently right now the characteristics of this app are listed below.

Network Connection YES A network connection is needed to import list, to share test, and to access app support How-To and developer email
Feedback YES The settings page provides a link to the app developer team.
Sharing YES Sharing of test is available from the app to your choice of social platform
Data Activity YES All users are allowed to import a list which includes data text for list and audio files for the words. Not provided by Us. Paid users of Teacher Mode can upload data of list only
In App Purchase YES Option 1, to make app unlimited. Option 2, To allow app to share list
Microphone Access YES You will be asked for microphone access, for adding audio to your words
Camera Access YES You will be asked camera access if you'd like to add an image or video to word
Photos Access YES You will be ask permisssion to access Photos to select an image or video for your words
Location Access NO
Notifications NO
Advertising NO
Login NO
Social Interaction NO
Data Collection NO

For more information or questions please contact us at